Client Portals

Welcome to our Client Portal Page.

We use this page to pass information back and forth to our clients.  We hope you find it a convenient tool.padlock-154684_960_720




By using this Client Portal Page you agree to the following:

  1. This page is protected by attorney-client privileged unless you share access to it or give someone your password.  So, rule # 1 is NEVER LET ANYONE BUT YOU SEE OR ACCESS YOUR CLIENT PORTAL PAGE!
  2. Other people may access your computer so DON’T ALLOW YOUR BROWSER TO STORE YOUR PASSWORD.
  3. ALWAYS LOG OUT when you are through using your portal page.
  4. If you think your page has been compromised LET US KNOW IMMEDIATELY.


  1. All client portal pages links are listed below these instructions.
  2. Your Client Portal Page Name:
    1. You should have received an email from our office listing the name of your client portal page, it looks something like: s82TQkkra47v
    2. The email was entitled: Client Portal Page NAME
    3. If you have not received an email entitled Client Portal Page NAME please call or email us right away.
  3. Your Client Portal Page Password:
    1. In another text or email you should have been sent the password for your Client Portal Page.  Both the email and the text started with the following text:  Client Portal Page PASSWORD
    2. If you have not received an email entitled Client Portal Page PASSWORD please call or email us right away.

All current portal pages are listed below.

  • 1IzkQWEYW8cL
  • 2HvxcfXOH0Iu
  • 2LFOOiKqyuJY
  • 4cKCbBF9QZsf
  • 4xmHst4TxFry
  • 5yly0Q2bqMbX
  • 64Qmi96SIdNy
  • 6QaHHltlR619
  • 6uPWBpBFgHfC
  • aEW0Z10xBVda
  • AMkA1U0QkCuU
  • C5vRQCr4j5Xo
  • dun8b6c1ae3I
  • EagmLflAfov3
  • eRMqkuoxcmoW
  • fdYq8Z0yP5Q8
  • fU1TsKtQU0Ms
  • gfc2PW9Luaoi
  • ha2kKrTpW3D8
  • hTurMxCyYWdY
  • JjLpeGaKGjMg
  • Jsg8mklBKe27
  • keywNlq8lgqv
  • kjPhTlz00ajO
  • KMRgbAdaLdIT
  • KUs8c9ckddvn
  • mQWWWEwIuR0W
  • mz1EWDMBdkdJ
  • Nbu2dTixtQCB
  • OeF4TK8Puf1H
  • OQkXMyvpn2lo
  • rJS6ELnPlVgU
  • rmTFB1Izf3YU
  • RZ1bOx8xO3rT
  • sCuBvC3lQpwB
  • sqKviPDmtGN2
  • tHjGlja5d00z
  • tkjTpZLPjJzI
  • Ud4CpjPwFjHq
  • UKtvpCxvrfKS
  • UwteZ6zpyaRF
  • wuglmG7ZpAIx
  • Xdpaq5qCpgAH