Practice Areas

I limit my practice to the following areas of the law:

Small Business Formation – I take pride in helping to launch entrepreneurs. No business is too small.  I love commerce, capitalism and I want to be there helping you pursue happiness through your business!  Let me help you:

  • Draft Your Business Contracts
  • Review Contracts You are Considering Entering

Geospatial Law – People are constantly moving through space and time with the assistance, and sometimes the unwanted monitoring of geospatial technology. At the Law Office of Christopher W. Dunn I practice Geospatial Law.

This is the law relating to the technology of UAV’s (drones), geographic information systems (GIS), private and commercial imaging satellites and aircraft, GPS navigation software and devices, location-enabled mobile cellular phones, and all other types of geospatial technology.

The world is rapidly changing and right now geospatial data about you and everything else in your public and private life is being collected, dissected, aggregated, processed and used by people, organizations, companies and nations.

The area of law relating to geospatial issues concern your privacy, contracts, commerce, intellectual property rights, liability and governmental administrative procedures and appeals.

Obtaining GIS Data -An area where I take a special joy in is helping our clients navigate through the Missouri GIS data law RSMo. §67-1850.  If you want access to your local government’s trove of GIS data – and they are trying to charge you an arm and a leg for this public information (which you should get for the cost of a DVD) – please contact me.

Open Records Law (Sunshine Act) –  Very few things get me more fired up than government bureaucrats denying citizens access to government-held records the law clearly states are open to the public.  I have fought these battles my entire career.  It’s your government, they owe you a transparent view inside that sausage factory. Let’ go get those records!

Planning, Zoning & Permitting – Let’s face it, no one wants to live in a community where anything goes.  At the same time government regulators often overreach by imposing restraints that make no sense, or which once made sense, but no longer do now that times have changed.  If you need help fighting city hall over a land use issue please contact me to take advantage of my years of experience.

I am not a a “Specialist” however I do specialize:  In Missouri, the professional rules governing lawyers do not allow lawyers to claim special expertise in particular areas of the law.  However, the rules do allow me to tell you which areas of the law I practice.